Bishop Jeffrey S. & Tamara Lambert

Pastor Jeff and his wife Tamara have been in full-time ministry for over twenty years. They have three kids (now all grown up) Tori, Tommy, & Alli that are still actively involved every week in the ministry of HCC. Tori is now married to Pastor Cameron (our Worship Pastor) and they have a baby.

Jeff and Tamara have a family focused vision for the Hill Creek Church of God. "It is our goal to minister to the whole family. We have quality ministries for every age group!" (Pastor Jeff)

Pastor Jeff is a singer/songwriter/musician. His messages and teaching carry a unique and powerful anointing. You will leave encouraged and challenged to live for God's best.

First Lady Tamara is a vital part of this ministry team. Each Sunday you will see her ministering along side of her husband. She is also a vital driving force behind many church ministries.