Our Five Core Values


We will create a safe space & place for people to WORSHIP DEEPER

The HCC Family 2.0 pursues the power and presence of God in our lives both privately and corporately through our actions, words, thoughts, prayers and songs. TOGETHER we have the great opportunity to corporately experience WORSHIP on a DEEPER level as the Heavens open up during our Worship Experiences and invades our earthly atmosphere and lives. Therefore we will make every effort to cherish and protect those special moments as we draw near to our Heavenly Father, by His Holy Spirit, and through Jesus Christ our Savior.

· Lives flourish in God’s presence. #intentional #supernatural

We choose to be life-long learners & to help others in our local church to GROW HIGHER

The HCC Family 2.0 experiences our greatest potential by becoming less so God can become more (Less = More). Surrender births Transformation, which leads to the greatest Spiritual Growth and Victories possible. TOGETHER we find the potential to Grow to HIGHER HEIGHTS than we ever could reach individually. This takes more than just coming to church on Sunday. It’s a radical life change. Therefore we will commit to do whatever is needed to not only grow ourselves, but to grow others as well.

· If you’re not growing, you’re dying. #discipleship #whosunderyourwing

We embrace a Family2.0 culture & enjoy the journey as we CONNECT STRONGER

The HCC Family 2.0 is an adoption center. We are adopted brothers and sisters to each other, adopted sons and daughters to those whose wing we are under, adopted parents and grandparents to those who are under our wing, and we are ALL adopted into the Family of God through faith in Jesus Christ! TOGETHER THE CHURCH becomes the strongest undergirding you can find for Abundant Living! There’s no other place to experience this level of emotional support, prayer support, burden-bearing encouragement & exhorting, wise guidance, and Spiritual Gifts. Therefore, we will go to great lengths to promote, protect, and enjoy the church culture of a "FAMILY2.0" connection. 

· The church isn’t a building - it’s a family. #belong #laughoften

We will always bring our best, using our time, talents, & treasure to GIVE GREATER

The HCC Family 2.0 is striving to bring our best to God. We believe “Ministry” means putting our gifts & talents to work. It is our heart-beat to make a GREATER impact for God's Kingdom by GIVING our TIME, TALENTS & TREASURES with excellence toward the many needs locally, regionally, and globally.  TOGETHER we have the opportunity to GIVE GREATER than we ever could individually. Therefore, we make the high commitment be a part of what the church is doing not just spectating. We will serve the ONE TRUE GOD together in ONE ACCORD as ONE FAMILY, with ONE VISION, and ONE PURPOSE. We desire less and less of our ways and more of His.

· Honor God & serve people with excellence. #faithful #generous

We love people both inside & outside our church walls with a passion to REACH FARTHER

The HCC Family 2.0 embraces the belief that "FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE!" Because His love has found us, we join the effort to find others who are in need. TOGETHER we have the awesome potential to REACH FARTHER and accomplish more for the Kingdom of God than we ever could alone. Therefore we will passionately reach out with open arms to accept, love, and adopt the wayward, the lost, the broken, the self-destructive, the confused, and the hurting into the Healing Grace of the Family of God.

· Actions speak louder than words. #responsibility #greatcommission